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Alias Server Names when you have multiple database connections in Sql Server Managment Studio

Using SQL Server Managment Studio to connect to various database servers, where these servers have a naming convention that is not intuitive (to me at least), one may be frustrated trying to quickly recall which server connection is for what just by having a glance.

The “Connect To Server” dialog that is presented when you open a new query or want to connect a query to a DB to run it offers no way to enter an alias for the server name.

In this case, should you wish to list your servers by names more meaningful to yourself, and even group them by use perhaps, then the “Registered Servers” view (CTRL-ALT-G or under the View menu) is definitely worth a look.

You can “register” servers under a “server group”, which essentially amounts to giving the server name and your authentication, but importantly here you can replace the server name with a new name – an alias. I prepend my alias so I still have the server details visible at a glance.

In addition, you can also add sub-groups which can be handy for keeping logically related servers together for faster access.

Lastly, you can export the list for import to other machines by right-clicking on the Server Group and chosing export from under the “Tasks” (part of my backups now!)

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