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Create a personal ringtone for iPhone

There is not too much involved to create your own ringtone for use on your iPhone.

Probably the trickiest bit is converting from an unusual audio format, but if you have the sound clip you want to use already in an m4a, mp3 or wav audio file – and maybe others – your going to be fine.

If not, I have used the VLC media player

Once you have the audio file you want to use as your iPhone ringtone, open it in iTunes.

If its longer than 30 seconds you might want to trim it down to that length.

You can use the stop and start times on the iTunes options tab for the audio file info ( right click and select Get Info) to trim to a portion of the audio file.

Next create an AAC version of the audio file via the Create AAC Version option in iTunes. (again on the right click context menu for the file or use the Advanced menu on the toolbar)

Note this will only be an option if you haven’t changed your settings previously for importing audio. I had mine set to import as mp3. To revert to AAC ensure import using=AAC on the import settings section of the general tab in iTunes general preferences.

This file is what will soon be your own custom iPhone ringtone.

Next, copy it out of iTunes and remove it from iTunes to avoid confusion later.

Change/Rename the file extension from .m4a to .m4r.

Now just drag it to the Tones library in iTunes, and after you sync your iPhone with iTunes your own homemade ringtone is ready to be used on your iPhone 🙂


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