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Palm Tungsten T, USB, Pilot-Link, Ubuntu Debian GNU/Linux

Couldn’t get my old Palm Tungsten T to work with pilot link. After reading around and trying various things with dev files, I eventually found
this post about a bug in pilot link.

Sure enough, removing the visor module with

sudo modprobe -r visor

meant the Palm now responded to

pilot-xfer -p usb: -l

and I got a lot of output about files on the Palm when I hit the sync button on the USB cradle.

So, I have added

blacklist visor



so that module won’t be loaded in the future.

Hopefully this bodes well for my attempts at seamless synchronisation of my Palm Tungsten|T on Ubuntu


4 thoughts on “Palm Tungsten T, USB, Pilot-Link, Ubuntu Debian GNU/Linux

  1. Thanks for this post! The pilot-xfer -p usb: -l command was very useful.
    However, I could only make my Tungsten T work in Ubuntu with the visor module, not without.
    Which GUI do you use? (if any)

  2. Alexander,
    I was trying to use JPilot as I recall, though I have tried a couple and could have been using any at the time.

    Though, does that matter ? Don’t this all go via pilot-link ?

    I wasn’t getting any joy from my Tungsten T, that’s why I reverted to the terminal for a while to see if I could shed more light on the issue.

    I was using a Tungsten|T in a Cradle that was USB connected to the machine.

  3. Thanks for the tip – Under Ubuntu 9.10, I did not have the visor module problem, but this still gave me a clue I needed to synch my palm under Ubuntu.

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