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Linux on USB disks : Puppy Linux

Today I tried out installing two separate, cut-down, versions of Linux onto a USB drive.

This post details my experience with puppy linux.

Puppy linux

I tried getting various files but ended up using the iso download file.

Instead of burning a CDR I booted the cd image with Qemu, a free virtual machine emulator (available in Ubuntu Debian Gnu/Linux)

qemu -k en-gb -m 512 -localtime -boot d -cdrom puppy-3.01-seamonkey.iso /dev/sdb1

I provided the USB drive as the hard-drive to the virtual machine (/dev/sdb1) and instructed the boot drive to be the cd (‘-cdrom cd-image.iso) with the option ‘-boot d’.

I booted into XVESA, XORG didn’t work.
Then I selected the install option “Install to IDE flash drive.” from the puppy installer at Menu -> Setup -> Puppy Universal Installer

I shut down the virtual machine, and rebooted, this time from the newly set-up USB disk, with:

qemu -k en-gb -m 512 -localtime /dev/sdb1

Worked fine, no issues !

Previously I had tried downloading other puppy linux files from the download server, but failed to install to a USB disk (without too much trying I must admit though in fairness)


3 thoughts on “Linux on USB disks : Puppy Linux

  1. Aronzak:
    Yea, it’s kind of handy alright.

    I have used Virtual Box recently, and installing it into a Virtual box would be real handy being as it’s available for Win, Linux and Mac (intel). If you could put it and a standalone virtual box viewer on a USB drive this could be a sweet solution for the mobile Puppy.

    Not sure what platforms VMWare covers with it’s viewers, but worth a look also perhaps.

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